Watercolor on Paper
Acrylic on paper
Ink & watercolor on paper
9x12 inches
Ceramic with flocking
4 in. wide x 5 in. high


  • Emerald Control Panel, Ceramic bas relief with flocking. 4 inches wide, 5 inches high, .75 inch deep. 2018 by Kelly Newcomer
  • Purple robot in her star-wars-inspired earth cruiser. (Remember Luke’s orange cruiser on Tatooine?) She has a blue crystal antenna on her head and is hugging a huge strawberry. In her blue backpack, star flowers burst forth. In the background another robot passes by on a shark-cruiser. In the atmosphere we see ribbon-like plumes in different colors and wavy plants. Astrobunny is present. Underneath the orange crust of the earth, you can see the diotamaceous earth (fossilized remains of diatoms…
  • Technology goddess with baby bot. Acrylic, 2012.