Performance Installation
Performance Installation


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  • In June, 2017 place-based performance installation, "A Steady & Irresistible Wind" was presented at the West Central Research & Outreach Center (WCROC) Horticultural Display Garden for the Rural Arts & Cultural Summit at U of M, Morris.     StIrWind is words, wind, song and sound turning over the layers of this land, known once as the Morris Indian School (1887), the West Central School of Agriculture (1910), the University of Minnesota, Morris (1960 - present).  Bethany is joine…
  • Saturday, August 11th, the Nemeth Art Center 's "2nd Sat Hap" series will resume with performances by Buffalo Skin, Bao Phi, Chasing Clarence, Rhoda Jackson, along with a screening of the film; "My Ocean"! Held the 2nd Saturday of every month at the NAC in Park Rapids, the event is comprised of an evening of free music, poetry, films and performance. May we C U this happening!  This event is sponsored my Molly Poppin's Gourmet Snacks: