5:00 pm


Walker Art Center

725 Vineland Place

Mn Artists, the Walker’s platform for local artists, brings its online network live and into the museum. Connect with local artists of all disciplines, and engage with the questions driving the Minnesota arts community. The series returns for a third year, with multi-faceted events designed by guest curators Anat Shinar & Amal Rogers, CarryOn Homes, and Jonathan Herrera Soto.

How and why do we learn the way we do? CarryOn Homes invites local artists who have experienced immigration or emigration to the Walker Art Center, in order to explore questions about how institutional education systems shape us and discover possible paths for reeducation. By observing the way different cultures relate to public spaces and education, this project asks what actions can be taken to subvert assumed dynamics and reveal hidden histories. For this one-night event, the halls of the museum will be converted into an experimental classroom for artists to engage and share resources with guests.

CarryOn Homes is a group of five artists from five countries: Zoe Cinel (Italy), Preston Drum (USA), Aki Shibata (Japan), Peng Wu (China), Shunjie Yong (Malaysia), united by a drive to raise awareness of social issues through the creation of artworks. This diverse group of individual artists were brought together by their mutual association with designer Peng Wu and photographer Shunjie Yong, who were creating a documentary photography series about immigrants in Minnesota. With the introduction of behavioral artist Aki Shibata, multi-media artist Zoe Cinel and installation artist Preston Drum, the team was tasked with expanding the scope of what CarryOn Homes could be and began to develop interactive installations. The group won the Creative City Challenge in 2018 and created a multifaceted public artwork at The Commons Park in downtown Minneapolis, MN. While each member of the group maintains an active solo practice, they continue to make artworks as a group and advocate for social issues.  

MN Artists