Feb21 to Feb22


10:00 am


MCAD Auditorium 150

2501 Stevens Ave

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is proud to present the Spring 2019 MCAD Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis Proposal Presentations.


Spring 2019 graduate candidates will each present their thesis and exhibition project proposals to the MCAD community for consideration and response ahead of the upcoming MCAD MFA Thesis Exhibition in May 2019. This special event is open to students, faculty, staff, members of the community, and fellow artists to help make the presentations a dynamic dialogue of questions, comments, and response for the graduate candidates. 


Thursday, February 21

10:00—10:20 a.m. Clarissa Odin

10:20—10:40 a.m. Yuta Uchida

10:40—11:00 a.m. Simone Zheng

11:00—11:05 a.m. Break

11:05—11:25 a.m. Cassandra Cook

11:25—11:45 a.m. Anika Schneider

11:45—12:05 p.m. Jennifer Jurgens


Friday, February 22

10:00—10:20 a.m. Donna Meyer

10:20—10:40 a.m. Hallie Bahn

10:40—11:00 a.m. Heather Lamanno

11:00—11:05 a.m. Break

11:05—11:25 a.m. Yi Wan

11:25—11:45 a.m. Joi Yao

11:45—12:05 p.m. Grace Olson

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