7:00 pm


ReClaim February:  Art and Identity

An evening of music and photography, 
featuring the work of photographer Wing Young Huie (StarTribune Artist of the year and McKnight Distinguished Artist)
and musician
 Jarrelle Barton (2018 MN Emerging Composer Award.)

cfpa is delighted to host a presentation of intersectional art and dynamic conversation. Photographer Wing Young Huie will show images from his recent book and exhibit, “Chinese-ness: The Meanings of Identity and the Nature of Belonging." Musician Jarrelle Barton will play the guzheng, an ancient Chinese plucked string instrument, offering both traditional pieces and original compositions. H. Adam Harris, theater artist and facilitator, will guide the artists and audience through a vibrant conversation, as together we explore the nexus of identity and art. How are these works shaped by the artists’ identities, and how does our perception of identity shape the way we experience the work? Join us for this evening of striking visual art, stirring music, and hearty conversation.

Learn more about these artists and their work HERE.

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