Call for Artists: Fargo Park District Monster Project


Fargo Park District

Beware! There are monsters roaming the parks in Fargo.


Little monsters have lived in our community for hundreds of years and are now coming back to encourage the humans of Fargo to embrace and respect the nature around us. These creatures can adapt to their surroundings beautifully (sometimes having feathers, scales, or anything else!). The monsters are quiet little beings hoping to be adopted into a family home.

The Fargo Park District is developing this project to get people excited and motivated to search for art in the public spaces around our community and to begin to see those spaces in new ways. We will use social media to spread the word about possible “monster sightings” which will encourage people to visit lots of different areas, from new parks and trail networks to established locations that they can interact with in new ways.

While introducing a portion of our community to nature, we also want to do our part to introduce others to art. Many (even in our organization) are intimidated by “the arts” and even taking the literal step to cross the threshold into a gallery or museum may seem daunting. By bringing art to them where they are (and indeed, giving them a piece of art), we help to break their perceived barriers and aid them in taking the first step towards seeing art in the world around them.

The goal is to have a several artists create unique monster pieces that will be hidden throughout the community over the course of several months culminating in an event focused on developing imagination and creativity. We will ask each artist to create at least 10 monster pieces.


The selected artists will each receive a stipend of $300 for the creation of 10 pieces. If the artist would like to create more than 10 pieces, a $20 stipend for each additional piece will be added to the total. Upon selection, half of the stipend ($150) will be awarded upon signed contract and the other half plus any additions for additional pieces will be paid within 2 weeks of delivery of all pieces.


At least half of the total pieces will need to be submitted by April 19th, 2019 with all pieces submitted by June 1, 2019. Pieces will need to be physically brought to the Fargo Park District offices at 701 Main Ave, Fargo.


Each monster will be “hidden” in a park inside a plastic egg for protection. Pieces should be able to comfortably fit inside the egg. We are using 2 different eggs (option 1 and option 2). Artists may pick up a sample egg from the Park District offices while putting together their proposal and should be returned at the time of submitting their application. Artists who are chosen may again pick up an egg to use during their creation process.

Below are a few other things to consider when creating your proposal:

  • The completed pieces will be placed in nature and should be able to withstand a small amount of water leaking into their egg.
  • Each piece will have a tag attached to or included in the egg with some basic information about each monster. The artist can choose to create these tags/stories, or the Fargo Park District staff will create these upon receipt of the art.
  • Each piece should be unique. They can be similar but should have some variation between each final monster.
  • Monsters will be taken to a private home where they will hopefully be displayed. The pieces should be able to withstand basic movement and transportation by children.


  • A brief Artist’s statement and proposal for the work you are submitting for consideration
  • At minimum, a rough draft/sketch of your concept. The more complete the design, the better to assist the selection committee. A written description of how pieces would vary from each other (color, media, etc).
  • Artist Resume (with current contact information): This should reference your formal and informal arts education and list of any exhibitions and/or commissions.
  • One to three images of sample works of recent and/or current projects to help the panelists to determine your artistic accomplishment and promise. All sample work must be from the past 3 years. Select work samples that best represents your general work as an artist and that helps make the case for supporting the proposed project. Briefly describe the sample work you have submitted. Include title, year created and other information that will place the work in context (e.g. medium and size of work).
  • Please include current contact information.


March 8th, 2019 at midnight


All materials should be sent electronically to Jessica Korynta at [email protected]


The selection committee will choose up to five artists to create at least 10 unique monster pieces. The selection committee will consider the following when reviewing applications:

  • Does the concept submitted mesh with the background story of the monsters?
  • Can the concept fit within the eggs?
  • Is the work unique and original?
  • Does the concept show a high level of artistic quality?
  • Has the artist produced other works of a high level of artistic quality?

The selected artists will be notified by March 22nd, 2019. The selection committee reserves the right to put out another call for artists if necessary.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to Jessica Korynta at [email protected].

Opportunity Opens

Friday, Feb 15th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Friday, Mar 8th 2019, 11:45pm

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